Highest RTP Rates for These 3 Best Free Slots

Highest RTP Rates for These 3 Best Free Slots

3 free slots with the best RTP rates

Many casino players decide on which slots they want to play based on different reasons which can range from the game interface- themes displayed by the slot, promotional offers and bonuses, and the RTP- Return to player percentage.

Players who choose slot games based on the RTP are experienced players who are in there to win big. Return to player percentages improves your chances of winning big. High RTP rates mean lower house edges, and the lower the houses edge of a slot, the better and higher the winning chances for you.

Let’s look at 3 best free slots for you to play based on High RTP rates.

1) Mega Joker with 99.00%

Breaking news: A NetEnt classic slot, Mega Joker beats another NetEnt slot with a very high RTP rate to the top spot. When you bet with just one 1 coin on the Mega Joker slot, your RTP is a rather disappointing 76.9%. However, increasing your bet to a maximum of 10 coins raises the RTP rates to fall between a startling 89.1% – 99%. Mega Joker has a very low house edge and offers the super meter mode.

The super meter mode offers you the chance to set your bet level and the optimum level you would like to collect your winnings. Done with skill, these the super meter mode elevates the RTP rates. Mega Joker is very popular among players because of its engaging and fun style and because it requires a level of skill and strategy.

2) Jackpot 6000 with 98.86%

Jackpot 6000 is the other NetEnt classic slot with a very high RTP rate beaten to the top spot by Mega Joker. It is a fascinating classic slot that can be played with up to 5 active pay lines, betting with a maximum of 10 coins per spin. Placing your bet with a maximum of 10 coins improves your chances of using the super meter mode.

In the super meter mode, you can win a magical prize that falls between 10 – 6000 coins when two joker symbols land on any part of the reels. 3 jokers on a pay line in superstar mode guarantees a jackpot payout of 6000 coins, hence the slot name.

When you play Jackpot 6000 with 1-8 coins, your RTP is an underwhelming 74.9% – 79.2%. But increase your coins per spin to 10 and your RTP rates rise to 95.1% – 98.8 %. Your super meter mode skill makes all the difference.

3) Star Mania with 97.87%

Star mania is one of the best free slots known for its bright star symbols, an ethereal soundtrack, a beautiful outer space background for the stars. Created by NextGen, Star Mania is a slot for the senses.

The stacked wilds on the reels improve your chances at winning combinations. It also offers a free game feature where more stacked wilds help you create big wins. You always have the alternative to gamble with your win, a chance to double and even quadruple your prizes for as many times as you want. Star mania also features 10 pay lines. The charm of start mania is its wonderful features, amazing graphics, and high RTP rate of 97.87%.

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