Everything You Need To Know About Online Casino Blackjack

Everything You Need To Know About Online Casino Blackjack

Online Blackjack 101: Where To Find and How To Play

Blackjack remains the most popular casino game among players for the right reasons. Sometimes referred to as 21, it one of the easiest casino game to learn and become a pro in no time.

Although it is a fun and exciting game online casinos would prefer you to play any other game except blackjack because it has a low house advantage/edge which can be down to less than 1% if you follow the online casino Blackjack strategy. You are most likely to go home a winner every time you play in any landed casino or you play online.

Where Can You Play Blackjack Online?

Virtually every online casino offers blackjack although some sites are better than others. Not every online casino blackjack is created equally.  Some offer better features and a friendlier user interface. You should look for the online casino that offers the best features for you. Some of the best online casino based on their easy to navigate interface include Bovada casino, bet365, Planet 7 casino, Betonline casino, Blackdiamond casino. Also, consider the promotions and bonuses offered by the online casinos to make your best pick,

How To Play Blackjack

Learning to play blackjack is very easy. Unlike many casino games, blackjack is not based entirely on luck. It involves a little bit of strategy. Blackjack also has many variants, but the most popular is the standard blackjack. It is noteworthy to mention that other Blackjack variants offer a higher advantage than the standard Blackjack.

The steps to play online casino blackjack can be found online but the basic Blackjack strategy is about employing techniques to determine how any action you take will affect your chances of winning a hand.  The more you play and practice, the lower your chances of losing. you can even make the house edge obsolete so that you win almost every time you play. The best strategy is to learn.

What Are The Differences Between Online and Landed Blackjack?

The basic strategy for playing blackjack online and in landed casinos is the same although they offer different gaming experiences. The online casino blackjack is preferable for newbies because they don’t have to deal with nervousness and are allowed to play at their own pace. The landed casino on the other hand has it own advantage and is more preferable for experienced players. Let’s consider some of the features offered by online and landed blackjack:

Online Blackjack

  • You play at your own pace
  • Beginners are offered much lower limits thereby increasing chances of winning
  • You have the luxury of reviewing your strategy notes
  • No need to wait for your turn, seat always open
  • You are mostly alone, no one to make you nervous
  • You can switch ‘casinos’ or tables quickly

Landed Blackjack

  • You can interact with other players
  • The atmosphere is always upbeat and enjoyable
  • Blackjack can be a group activity because everyone is playing against the house.

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