Beginner’s Guide to Betting On e-Sports

Beginner’s Guide to Betting On e-Sports

Everything you wanted to know about how to bet on esports

The revolution brought about by the rapid growth of technology can be felt in almost every field wherein it has been introduced and the gaming world is no exception to these changes. With the introduction of e-sports, people can now play their favourite sport right from just anywhere without being at the stadium, sport complex or court, as a result of, many have earned good living off their favourite sports electronically.

Electronic Sports (e-sports) are highly competitive virtual gaming sports. E-sports are in hit demand right now as its popularity as well as wagers on it has grown in large numbers over the last 7 years.

As a beginner in e-sports, there are some important things you need to know and this is what we bring to you in this piece.

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Choosing a Sport To Bet On

The very first step to take in learning how to bet on e-sports is to decide what game (or games) you would wish to bet on. You need to ask yourself essential questions like: What games do I love? Which of them do I play? Do I know the rules of this game? If answers can be provided to this question, then you are on the track.

You need to know that not all bets will be won but knowing how to bet and what to bet on is very vital so you don’t go about losing money instead of getting it. It is important to bet on a game you love to play and/or watch because you would be doing a lot of watching. Also note that the fact that you love a game and know its rule isn’t a guarantee that you should bet on every game.

Learning About The Odds

Next step is for you to take time out and learn about the odds. You should however note that betting is not all about odds. This is why having good understanding of probability and how it can be used to compare odds is very important. You can compare bookmakers on the basis of the odds they offer using implied probability. With this knowledge to your advantage, you can make good decisions on what you should bet on, when to bet, which bookmaker to choose and how much you can wager.

Odds mainly depicts two things in sports betting. One, it is used to calculate how much could be won when a bet is placed. Anytime you make a wager, you are offered odds by the bookmakers which can sometimes (not all) change depending on some factors. These odds have the say on the payout on your winning bets. Two, odds can show the likelihood of an event occurring. The likelier the outcome, the lesser the odd and vice versa. You would win more if you wager on less likely events and winless when you bet on more likely events.

Selecting A Trustable Bookmaker

When you want to select a bookmaker, follow the steps below;

  • Choose bookmakers that are legally registered and licensed to provide betting services. Making use of unregistered or unlicensed bookmakers is very risky and not advisable.
  • Avoid any bookmaker that people complain about. They must have seen something wrong in their operations to make such complains. Make your investigations if you wish but it’s advisable you avoid them.
  • Most platforms give welcome offers. Go through them carefully and if it’s worth it, sign up at the bookmakers offering such.
  • Any serious bookmaker who really wants to have a good standing in the world of e-sport betting should have a good customer support system.  So check to see if they have a good functioning customer support.

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