5 Casino-Related Movies To Binge This Weekend

5 Casino-Related Movies To Binge This Weekend

Thrilling casino movie to watch when you’re bored

Weekends are to curl up in a warm blanket, read a good book, or binge-watch your favourite shows and movies. And while there are so many movies and books that you can catch up with, the article that we have brought to you today focuses on the best casino movies that could pick your interest.

If you’ve got a few hours to kill this weekend and you’ve been dreaming of a vacation in Sin City, then this list of top casino movies is for you. There’s nothing more glamorous, dangerous, and exciting than the history of Las Vegas casinos and the lethal mob bosses that started them. The following movies perfectly capture the allure of casinos with their twinkling lights, stacks of cash, and all the bells and whistles.

1) 21 (2008): A Blackjack-Fueled Adventure

The movie was inspired by the true-life story of the MIT Blackjack Team, as detailed in the Ben Mezrich bestselling book “Bringing Down the House “.  Ben Campbell played by Jim Sturgess is a shy, brilliant M.I.T. student that is in need to pay school tuition finds the answers in the cards. He is being recruited to joining a group of the school’s most gifted students that goes to Vegas every weekend armed with fake identities and the knows the trick to turn the winnings at blackjack in their favor. In the company of an unorthodox math professor and stats genius Micky Rosa (Kevin Spacey) paving the way, get to crack the code. From counting cards and deploying an intricate system of signals, the team tends to beat the casinos big time.

2) Casino (1995): A Thrilling Real Life-Based Story

This Martin Scorsese masterpiece is a perfect mix of the excitement of running a Vegas casino and the harsh reality of being a casino gangster. Robert De Niro plays a pitch-perfect Sam Rothstein, a casino operator whose mob-ties keep his books bloody. Extensive scenes of how casinos are approved, built, and how casino security works, will delight anyone who has ever wondered how it all operates. You’ll get an inside look of a powerfully connected man who tries to balance his civilized home life with the violence of a mob-run casino. Things take a turn when his old friend comes to him seeking help, and since then, we are introduced to a series of events that determine the fate of the characters in the movie.

3) Croupier (1998): Take A Look At Your Dark Side

This is a 1998 British neo-noir film that was directed by Mike Hodges and starring Clive Owen. London’s gambling world is the setting for this complex thriller, where aspiring writer Jack Manfred (Clive Owen), suffering from writer’s block, takes a job as a croupier to support his art. Knowing the dangers of the cards, Jack is adamant about remaining a professional outsider, but the temptations of the game inevitably swallow him deeper than he could have ever anticipated.

4) Casino Royale (2006): The Name Is Bond, James Bond

Directed by Martin Campbell and released in the year 2006, Casino Royale is that one movie that has the theme of gambling playing a pivotal role in setting the course of events in the movie. The third adaptation of Ian Fleming’s wildly popular James Bond novel by the same name, Casino Royale stars Daniel Craig as everyone’s favorite super spy. Early in his 007 careers, Bond is tasked with bankrupting a terrorist in a high-stakes poker game in Las Vegas. Of course, there are plenty of beautiful women, expensive cars, and things that go boom, throughout the movie.

5) The House (2017): Hilarious Underground Casino Mishaps

This was a movie directed by Andrew J. Cohen, of a mother and father (Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler) who blew their daughter’s college fund and start an illegal casino in their basement to recoup the losses. When all else fails, the desperate couple join forces with their neighbor to start an underground casino in his home. As the cash rolls in and the good times fly, the couple soon learns that they may have bitten off more than they can chew.

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