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About Me:
Hello everyone, my name is Charles Pruett and welcome to my site.
As you all would have known by now, I am the main author of this site. I started this site as a side hobby to something that I genuinely enjoy. I was first introduced to the world of online casinos during college. My roommate at the time was really into online roulettes and intrigued by looking at her playing, I started venturing in casinos myself.
As a former copywriter, I was still into writing even after quitting my job for kids. Before, you guys think that was a stupid decision, I never regretted my decision. Having my 2 kids is best decision in my life. I wouldn’t miss watching their growth for anything.
At home, online casino games became my passion, I therefore thought of combining the both and operating a blog that could be a good place for players to come to for some tips and guides. My other passions include cooking and watching some serial killer documentary.

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