Security Checks that Casinos Should Adapt as Their Security Measures

Security Checks that Casinos Should Adapt as Their Security Measures

Background check of employees
Casinos don’t just have to check guests. Some of the biggest attempted casino robberies in the last century have been organized by casino staff. Casinos must be careful when hiring people, which means that they conduct thorough background checks. In many states, employers are even required to provide licenses and employee registration with game oversight.

SSL protection
When it comes to casino robberies, hackers traditionally have a better track record than crooks who use brute force. For example, many of them used the casino’s WiFi networks to gain access to the cameras, see the cards of the other games, and then share the information with an accomplice in the casino. That is why casinos had to introduce 128-bit encryption to make such actions more difficult, and suspicious connections are carefully monitored and interrupted.

Silent alarms
Casinos need to work closely with local law enforcement agencies, even though they have to be extremely sensitive. In the event of a robbery, they often use a silent alarm to notify the police and get help. Silent alarms allow casino employees to notify the authorities of a robbery without the robber’s knowledge.
Silent alarms are also used in the vaults so criminals can take their time without knowing that the police are already on the move.

Database research with NORA
Casinos want to handle previous guests with care, using the latest technology such as NORA (Non-Obvious Relationship Analysis) to do a background check on suspicious individuals. NORA is typically used to identify relationships between known fraudsters and possible accomplices, but can also be used to find out if a visitor has a criminal record.

NORA allows casinos to expel people known to have been robbed or stolen through deception, as well as people suspected of cooperating with them.

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